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Celebrate National Day with a Peranakan Medley!

For this year's National Day, the tea masters at The 1872 Clipper Tea Co. have decided to pay homage to the key ingredients often used in the making of Nyonya Kuehs - Butterfly Pea, Gula Melaka and Nyonya Kaya. 
Still thinking about what to serve your guests as the nation counts down to Singapore's 53rd birthday? Fret not, here is our recommended pairing of Nyonya Kuehs with our teas to keep you company through the celebrations.

Butterfly Pea 

Coloured by the natural dye of the butterfly pea flower, often used to make pulut tai, this dreamy azure brew is accented with fresh notes of lemongrass and pandan leaves that yields a magical and soothing infusion for all-day refreshment. It is caffeine-free as well.
We recommend pairing this with the Rempah Udang, a Peranakan snack that is made use glutinous rice and hae bee hiam (spicy dried sambal shrimp) which is wrapped in a banana leaf. The spicy, strong flavour from the Rempah udang is immediately soothed with the Butterfly Pea tea, allowing the fragrance of the pandan leaves and lemongrass to come through at the end of each sip. 

Gula Melaka

This warm and enticing melange of rich Ceylon black tea and Japanese sencha with a touch of coconut produces a lingering of caramel flavours similar to gula melaka, a type of palm sugar that provides the signature taste of kueh kosui and kueh dadar.
Have this with the Ondeh Ondeh, which are round glutinous rice balls that are infused with pandan juice and filled with gula melaka, to enjoy the intensity of the coconut fragrance. The harmonious mix of black and green tea also helps to cut away any cloying sweetness, allowing for second helpings.   

Nyonya Kaya 

Robust Ceylon black tea and Japanese sencha are infused with tropical scents of pandan leaves, coconut and cream to create a sweet, sophisticated blend reminiscent of nyonya kaya, a coconut jam used to make quintessential snack, kueh salat.
We like to have this with the Ubi Kayu, also known as steamed tapioca with coconut. The mild and sweet fragrance from the steamed tapioca makes it a perfect match with the kaya tea, which is lighter in taste and has a sweet lingering aroma as well. 

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