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Tealicious Festive Treats for the Lunar New Year

We are going to be honest here. Food plays a huge role for us during Chinese New Year, because the bulk of our time is spent eating and munching away on some festive goodies while catching up with our family and friends. 

We all know how easy it is to have one too many pineapple tarts. Before you let the guilt creep up on you, burn a few extra calories by brewing a cup of tea.

This Chinese New Year, we have launched our exclusive Lunar New Year Collection which features the House of Fortune. Inspired by the traditional oriental house, this collection retails at $15 each and is available in three blends: 福禄双全 [Rose Black Tea], 吉祥如意 [Melon Oolong] and 财源滚滚 [Pineapple Da Hong Pao].

Our tea experts have compiled a list of perfect pairings of treats that go hand in hand with the teas. Not only do they pair well together, they make good conversation starters too. Perfect for steering the topic away from awkward conversations. Read more below. #茶源广进
福禄双全 [Rose Black Tea]
Savour the bounty of spring with the fruity-floral blend of our Rose Black Tea. Ambrosial rose petals and chamomile are infused with sweet apples and married with our signature full-bodied Ceylon black tea.

We recommend pairing this with Love Letters or Kueh Bangkit (Coconut Cookies). Not only does the full-bodied Ceylon black tea balance out the sweetness of these treats, it accentuates the fragrance of the coconut as it melts in the mouth. 

On its own, the Rose Black Tea is a smooth and fragrant cuppa to enjoy, bound to calm your senses after a hectic day of New Year visiting!
吉祥如意 [Melon Oolong]
Sip up on our Melon Oolong tea, a light and fragrant bend, pairing the mellow taste of Oolong delightfully with nectarous melon bits. A luscious fruity blend we hope will bring you a year of sweet abundance! 

Pair this with Pineapple Tarts for a burst of tropical flavours. With a buttery base and sugary caramelized pineapple jam, the Melon Oolong helps to wash away any sinfulness while allowing the fruity notes to linger in the mouth. 
财源滚滚 [Pineapple Da Hong Pao]
As the saying goes, 'fortune favours the bold'. Indulge in the bold toasty notes of our Pineapple Da Hong Pao tea, blending our premium Ceylon tea with juicy pineapple bits, ending off with a silky mouthfeel. An explosion of flavours that'll delight your tastebuds!

We can sip on this all day long while munching on some decadent Bak Kwa, a savoury slice of minced pork that is marinated in sugar and oil before being roasted to perfection. The bold toasty notes of this dark oolong cuts through the strong flavours of Bak Kwa, while bringing out the roasty aroma.

The 1872 Clipper Tea Co. team wishes everyone a happy and prosperous lunar new year!

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