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Flavours of Singapore

Be transported back to Singapore with every sip of this unique blend of flavours that captures the essence of a Singaporean breakfast.

Comprising of 2 tins of tea (2 x 20g) - Kaya Toast and Teh Tarik, this duo is an apt representation of a typical Singaporean breakfast that continues with the passage of time.

Kaya Toast - Kaya (coconut jam) is an iconic ingredient used in the delicious Kaya Toast. The fragrance derived from the use of pandan leaves and tropical coconuts, inspired this blend that includes a harmonious blend of toasty Ceylon black tea and sencha.

Teh Tarik - Teh Tarik refers to pulled tea, which is commonly found in many coffee shops in Singapore. Our rendition of it includes the combination of full-bodied Ceylon black tea and decadent cream and caramel flavour, which presents a rich and fragrant blend that is an instant perk me up!