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National Day 2018 Peranakan Medley

Inspired by the Peranakan culture in Singapore, our tea masters have put together a collection featuring three hero ingredients used in Nyonya kueh, and how it blends harmoniously with tea!

Butterfly Pea Flower (10g)
The butterfly pea flower is often used when making Nyonya Kuehs, and it is no surprise why it is so popular. The natural blue colour gives it a royal touch, and we have combined this with soothing lemongrass and pandan leaves, to make it suitable for all day enjoyment.

Ingredients: lemongrass, pandan leaves, butterfly pea flower

Nyonya Kaya (20g)
Kaya (coconut jam) is an iconic ingredient used in many Peranakan desserts e.g. Kueh Salat. The fragrance derived from the use of pandan leaves and tropical coconuts, inspired this blend that includes a harmonious blend of Ceylon black tea and sencha.

Ingredients: Ceylon black tea (FBOP), sencha, pandan leaves, coconut and cream flavour

Gula Melaka (20g)
Gula Melaka is made from coconut palm, and instantly adds a rich deep caramel flavour to desserts. Together with a mix of Ceylon black, sencha and coconut flavour, this blend keeps us coming back for more.

Ceylon black tea, sencha, coconut dices, coconut flavour