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Be.Still.Life Collection

Backed by popular demand, The 1872 Clipper Tea Co. introduces a selected range of best-selling loose teas in premium pyramid tea bags. Slow down, take a sip of tea and embrace the stillness in life.

Contains 25 sachets. 

Anti-stress: A delightful infusion to encourage zen and peace - all too important in today’s hectic pace of living. Aids to calm and relax one’s body and mind, whilst restoring well-being.

Blissful Berries: A magical mix of raspberries, black berries, hibiscus and strawberries. This pleasantly sweet caffeine-free infusion makes it a fruity treat of bliss perfect for any time of the day.

Eternal Garden: A delicate tea created by mixing pure Ceylon tea leaves with natural rose petals. An ideal evening tea accentuated by a smooth floral sweetness.

Lychee Fiesta: A sweet, tropical journey, soothed with the subtle, floral fragrance of rose petals. This enticing creation of green tea, infused with succulent lychee pieces and delicate rose petals, delivers a refreshing joy to the palate.

Timeless Earl Grey: The Earl Grey - old, but gold. We’ve added a twist to this blend, with cream and cornflower, lending to its wonderful aroma and ever better taste!