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Chinese New Year 2018 Fortune House

The 1872 Clipper Tea co. ushers in the New Year with an oriental Fortune House, available in three aromatic blends including 福禄双全(Rose Black Tea), 财源滚滚 (Pineapple Da Hong Pao) and 吉祥如意 (Melon Oolong).

Rose Black Tea (20g)
Description: The alluring fragrance of rose petals and chamomile, and the aromatic taste of apples is married with our signature full-bodied Ceylon black tea to present a smooth balanced taste.

Ingredients: Ceylon Black tea, Red rose petals, chamomile flowers, apple and rose flavoring

Pineapple Da Hong Pao (15g)
Description: The bold toasty flavour of Da Hong Pao has a sweet aftertaste, which is further accentuated by the sweet juicy taste of pineapples.

Ingredients: Da hong pao, pineapple dices, pineapple flavour 

Melon Oolong (20g)
Description: Light and fragrant, the mellow taste of Oolong combines beautifully with fragrant melon bits, leaving a sweet fruity afternote.

Ingredients: Oolong tea, melon bits, melon flavouring