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Mid-Autumn Festival Teabook 2

The teabook consists of 3 tea blends with each blend presented in 2 individual sachets. Tea and mooncakes are paired together to ensure a delightful palate of taste and scent.

Earl Grey: A combination of the finest Ceylon teas. Specially crafted to enhance the aroma of Bergamot, it is complemented by an undertone of refreshing citrus flavours. 

Alishan Oolong: Harvested from Taiwan’s famous Alishan mountain, the Alishan Oolong is popularly enjoyed for its flowery and fruity fragrance that leaves a sweet, smooth taste on the palate. A delicate and thoughtful gift for heart-warming moments.

Jasmine Pearls: An aromatic handmade tea scented with jasmine flowers and presented in the form of precious pearls. A perfect gift to celebrate those precious moments.  

 *mooncakes not included, sold separately.