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Christmas 2018 - Tropical Wonderland

Peach of My Heart (20g)
This blend steals a piece of our heart with the fragrance of jasmine pearls that blends smoothly with light-bodied green and white tea, which is further enhanced with the sweet juicy taste of peaches.

Ingredients: White tea (mao feng, china), green tea (guangxi, china), jasmine pearls, flavouring, white hibiscus buds

Two to Mango (20g)
We agree that it takes two to tango, as the refreshing sweet taste of mango bits and tangerine slices, along with a melange of other fruit bits, blend together to create this delish blend.

Ingredients: Candied pineapple bits, apple bits, candied papaya bits, candied mango bits, natural flavouring, tangerine slices, physalis, safflower blossoms, rose blossom leaves, sunflower blossoms