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Basic guide to Matcha & Hojicha

Tea is a big part of Japanese culture, yet a Matcha shares surprisingly little similarities to a Hojicha when it comes to its taste profiles. As it coincides with Matcha Day today in Japan, we’re highlighting our Japanese teas which can be enjoyed on its own or with pastries at our tea bars.

What is a Hojicha?

Hojicha is a roasted green tea grinded into a fine powder. The tea leaves are first finished as green tea before being roasted over a flame to produce its signature rich and earthly taste. It has lower amounts of caffeine and thus make a great afternoon option for those who want to avoid the jolt from coffees. 

How does Hojicha taste?

Hojicha may express notes that fall between fresh green olives to woodsy depending on whether they were lightly or heavily roasted. 

At The 1872 Clipper Tea Co., our Hojicha ingredients are sourced for its impeccable quality and consistency from the Uji tea production areas where centuries of processing experience and techniques were perfected to ensure that only well-roasted Hojicha is being delivered. Our Hojichas served fresh at the tea bar holds true to this promise with its distinctive deep, roasty aroma and taste.

What differences does a Matcha have when compared to a Hojicha?

Unlike Hojicha, Matcha is made from shaded tea leaves that are not roasted. The caffeine levels are also higher and a well-prepared bowl of Matcha tea should have a freshly sweet vegetal aroma and expect to encounter a pleasant taste of umami.

The 1872 Clipper Tea Co. Matcha stands apart from others with its characteristically sweeter taste, only possible through the very first plucking of the tea plant’s harvest season which yields the purest and freshest tea leaves.

Give our Japanese teas a try this February!

Our signature Hojicha and Matcha teas are potent yet approachable, suitable for every taste palate. Drop by our tea bars to try and pair them with your favourite snacks or pastries for an enjoyable afternoon treat!

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