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Singapore, 9 January 2023 - This Lunar New Year, rediscover the season of prosperity and blessings with The 1872 Clipper Tea Co. Renowned for Ceylon black tea and tea blends, we are committed to bringing in specialty teas worldwide to elevate the experiences of tea drinkers. As such, we are excited to introduce the Abundance Collection, a duo selection of high-quality imported Chinese teas from China to usher in the auspicious Year of the Rabbit.

Elevate special moments of togetherness this lunar new year

The Chinese New Year is a myriad of traditions filled with pageantry, cuisine, and togetherness, often celebrated over tea drinking. The significance of drinking tea during the Lunar New Year represents the connection with one another, from family, relatives, and friends. In hope of new beginnings and well wishes, elevate these special moments of togetherness with our Abundance Collection ($35) of two classic Chinese teas, Golden Oolong and Spring Jasmine.

Notice the unique phrase “喜兔茶来 (xǐ tù chá lái)” on our collection? The pronunciation rings similar to the auspicious term “喜兔财来 (xǐ tù cái lái)”, with the initial meaning of incoming wealth in anticipation of the Year of the Rabbit. A refreshed wordplay of “喜兔茶来 (xǐ tù chá lái)”, adds a new meaning in ushering prosperity and happiness with every sip.

Specialty tea blender - featuring imported chinese teas

“With years of experience as a global tea supplier, The 1872 Clipper Tea Co. possesses a strong vertically integrated tea supply chain - working with the finest tea plantations and our own master tea blenders with over 100 years of combined experience to develop and craft each special blend.” says Mr Rehan Amarasuriya, Executive Director of The 1872 Clipper Tea Co. “In dedication to elevating tea drinkers’ experiences, we introduce two specialty tea blends sourced directly from China for this Lunar New Year season.”

Golden Oolong

Sourced from the high altitudes of Fujian, China, our Golden Oolong loose tea leaves are traditionally semi-oxidised, allowing the beautiful flavour and tea aroma to shine through.

As precious and fine as gold, this tea provides woody and roasted notes as you savour each sip. In this luscious Oolong tea, you will also enjoy a pleasantly rich and bold flavour. This premium tea would be the ideal pairing to sip and relish on Lunar New Year goodies.

Spring Jasmine

Usher in the lunar new year of happiness and wealth with this aromatic blend. Exclusively imported from Yunnan, China, this tea blend comprises loose Chinese green tea leaves scented with fresh jasmine flower petals.

For tea drinkers who prefer light and fragrant taste notes, you can enjoy a refreshing mouthfeel infused with perfumed floral notes of jasmine through this brew. Akin to the fragrance of spring, this jasmine tea blend is perfect to kickstart your day of festivities and welcome guests this auspicious season.

Ushering in the festivities - gift with purchase promotion

To complement the ongoing festivities, look out for a limited edition Lunar New Year-themed gift with purchase promotion available via retail outlets at ION Orchard and Jewel, as well as online.

Featuring a DIY set of Lunar New Year Auspicious Ornaments suitable to spruce up your home and usher in the festive spirit, redeem one complimentary set upon purchase of the Abundance Collection in every order.

Availability Of The Abundance Collection

The Abundance Collection consists of two classic Chinese teas (2 x 20g), Golden Oolong and Spring Jasmine, and a pack of tea filter bags. The gift set is available for sale on our official online store at https://clippertea.com.sg, and via The 1872 Clipper Tea Co. retail outlets, located at both ION Orchard and Jewel Changi Airport.

Newest addition to tea bar menu - leaf pie

Dedicated to continuously improving the dining experience of customers who visit the tea bar, we bring to you the newest addition to our evergreen menu, known as the Leaf Pie, a flaky and lightly sweet pastry.

Perfect as a light snack on its own or paired with a cup of hot tea, step back and take a break with this warm combination. The leaf pies are available for sale at $2 per piece, or at $19 for 10 pieces in a box, exclusively sold in ION Orchard.

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