The 1872 Clipper Tea Co. X Mr. Bucket Chocolaterie


The Community Bar Bundle was started by Mr. Bucket Chocolaterie with the spirit of collaboration in mind. Working together with The 1872 Clipper Tea Co., only quality ingredients are sourced and used from within the region. Embark on a flavour tasting experience with this Community Collection!

In this Community Collection: if offers:

  • Earl Grey Bars (Made from our very own tea leaves)
  • Coffee Bars
  • Pepper Bars


Mr. Bucket Chocolaterie Earl Grey Milk Chocolate - Made with Single Estate Chocolate

An aromatic and milky flavour, the Earl Grey Milk Chocolate bar is made with our Earl Grey tea leaves & using 45% milk chocolate from cacao beans in Triang Bera, Malaysia.

Earl Grey is a tea blend consisting of typically a black tea scented with Bergamot oil. This blend is crafted to enhance the aroma of Bergamot, bringing out the undertones of refreshing citrus flavours. Available now at